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RQ20 panel enthusiastic about the Pufendorf IAS model

Huset Wrangel i grönska. Foto.

In the report from the Lund University Research Quality assessment 2020, the panel looks to the Pufendorf IAS as a model and asset for interdisciplinary and international work at the university.

The Pufendorf IAS clearly enthused the panelists of Lund University’s Research Quality Evaluation 2020. The subpanel reviewing the quality of the university’s Large and interdisciplinary research areas conclude:

The Pufendorf Institute is a unique and great mechanism for stimulating new research ideas & promoting interdisciplinary research. Pufendorf is highly successful in drawing top researchers at LU from multiple disciplines, and Pufendorf projects are forming new research and strategic research areas environments.

In their report, the panel returns in several instances to what it learned from the Pufendorf IAS’ way of working and emphasises that, when the university engages in recruitment of international scholars, the possibility to work at the Pufendorf IAS be put forward as one of the assets of Lund University. They also suggest that the university consider that the same model be applied to teaching, to create interdisciplinary courses in the same manner, with yearly calls. We are pleased with the panel’s assessment and certainly agree that the character of Pufendorf IAS is unique. Though a humble reflection is that unique models sometimes serve their purpose better if allowed to stay unique.  

Ann-Katrin Bäcklund, director

The final RQ20 report will be launched, March 26, https://rq20.blogg.lu.se/programme-and-registration-for-rq20s-report-la…