About funds, cost ceilings and budgets for a theme

Funds for a theme are structured as a cost ceiling. All money is administered by the Pufendorf IAS, and money that is not utilised during the theme period reverts to the Institute and is used in new projects

You must to use this Excel template for calculating salary costs (including holiday bonus, which in contrast to employer’s contributions (LKP) must be included in the calculation). No value is to be written in the box for overhead costs.


What is to be included in a budget?

A theme group can apply for funding for total costs up to SEK 2,0 million. The budget appended to the application is to outline, as far as possible, the expected costs for the theme. This applies, for instance, to salary costs, travel costs for invited external guest lecturers, hotel costs for guests etc.

Of the funds applied for, a maximum of SEK 100,000 can be used for the closing conference or similar, and the Institute recommends that external funds are applied for regarding this type of activity.

What is not to be included in a budget?

Overhead costs are not to be included when salary costs are calculated. The Pufendorf IAS covers the costs for rent, cleaning, administration etc., but these are not included in the cost ceiling that is set for the theme. The overhead costs are separate and on top of the funds that are granted. The actual value of each theme’s cost ceiling is, in other words, actually higher than the sum the theme is given as a ceiling for its project.

Furthermore, the costs for proposed visiting research fellows are not to be included in the proposal’s budget. The Institute’s themes have an opportunity to affiliate an international visiting research fellow, who will stay and work at the Institute for up to four months This opportunity is provided thanks to a generous grant from the LMK Foundation, which covers salary, travel and accommodation in Lund.