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Due to COVID-19

Due to the ongoing public outbreak of coronavirus, COVID-19, additional rules of conduct apply when visiting the Pufendorf IAS.

General guidelines

Please wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer.
Keep your distance, particularly in corridors and entrances used for frequent passage.
Respect the maximum occupancy and any code of conduct that may apply before you enter a room.
Show consideration in the kitchen, keep your visit short and leave the counter tops clean and tidy.
Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
Stay at home if you feel unwell. 
General safety regulations and recommendations from LU as well as the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) apply.


In halls and rooms

Arrange seating to maintain a distance of at least 1,5 meters.
Maximum occupancy in the Theme room is 8 people.
Maximum occupancy in the lecture hall is 14 people.
Maximum occupancy in the seminar rooms, on the first and second floors is 6 people.
Please use hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes when entering a meeting room.
In the kitchen, special rules of conduct apply:

  • Respect the room occupancy of 2.
  • Keep your distance.
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when you enter.
  • Place your own dishes in the dishwasher and dispose of your waste.
  • Keep the visit short.

Please use the sculpture hall for dinners and recreation. Groups that meet on the 2nd floor may have access to the kitchen and sculpture hall, while groups meeting on the 1st floor are offered coffee and/or lunch through catering.

There will be no external booking until further notice – visitors that belong to our Themes and ASGs are encouraged to stay to within the same floor of your booked meeting room.


Group activities

All staff are encouraged to work from home if preferable, we are happy to help make your digital meetings as efficient as possible.
Coordinators will notfify Pufendorf IAS staff through lokalbokning [at] pi [dot] lu [dot] se how many will be present on a booked day, or if the meeting will be entirely digital. For groups meeting on the first floor, you may book catering for coffee breaks and/or lunch at the same time.
Do take more frequent short breaks when conducting digital meetings.
Avoid crowding particularly for coffee breaks – we are happy to lend thermoses, pitchers and serving dishes for service in the meeting rooms or in the sculpture hall.

Our staff will restrict on site personnel to two co-workers, do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns. If you are looking for staff working from home, please send us an email, or call us:
Tuesdays from 13 to 15,
All other week days from 9 to 11.

For contact regarding the work environment, please refer to:
Responsible for the work environment, director Ann-Katrin Bäcklund, ann-katrin [dot] backlund [at] pi [dot] lu [dot] se
Safety representative, coordinator Eva Persson, eva [dot] persson [at] pi [dot] lu [dot] se


Due to coronavirus/covid-19: restricted access to work at the Institute

Groups at work in the house

Wednesday: Political Polarization on the Internet 2nd floor.

Torsdag: In Search of Search, 2nd floor.

Friday: The Future of Human Rights 2nd floor.

The Theme room is open to 8 people, the lecture is open to 14 people, and the seminar rooms on the bottom and second floors is 6 people.