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Symposium: New genome editing technologies for medicine and agriculture – implications for the society

13-14 October 2020
Genome-editing techniques have sparked a revolution in biological and medical research, as they allow precise, user-defined modification of the genomes of almost any plant or animal. This symposium aims to present scientific breakthroughs and their implications for research and the public. In the end, this will help us understand how this technology may change our society.



Tuesday 13th October, 13.00 17.30



  • Opening plenary lecture: Prof. David Liu, Harvard University, USA

“Base Editing and Prime Editing: Genome Editing Without Double-Strand Breaks”

  • Dr. Mariette Andersson, Swedish Agricultural University

“Future CRISPR-potatoes, improved properties for our health and the environment”

  • Dr. Achim Rosemann, University of Exeter, UK

“The ethical and responsible innovation dimensions of the commercial exploitation of CRISPR-based applications”


14.40 – 15.10 Coffee break


  • Prof. Dirk Heickl, Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

”CRISPR for gene editing of hematopoietic cells”

  • Dr. Sigrid Bratlie, Norwegian Biotechnology Council, Norway

“The public opinion of genome editing – results from a survey in Norway”

  • PhD. Ingrid Dunér, Lund University

“Transhumanism and genome editing”

  • Debate


Wednesday 14th October, 09.00 12.30


09.00 10.00

  • Dr. Jochen Kumlehn, IPK Leibniz Institut, Germany

“Genome editing in plants – CRISPR in cereals.”

  • Prof. Johan Jakobsson, Lund University

“Towards widespread somatic gene editing in the human brain”


10.00 – 10.30 Coffee


  • Senior Researcher Michael Morrison, University of Oxford, UK

”Legal and regulatory issues attending somatic medical uses of CRISPR”

  • Dr. Nick Meade, Policy at Genetic Alliance, UK

“Patients’ view on genome editing”  

  • Debate


Refreshments will be served from 12.00- outside the aula.

Register at Pufendorf IAS webpage  (the symposium is free of charge)

Organisers: The Pufendorf IAS Theme CRISPRideas


About the symposium


13-14 October 2020 (lunch to lunch symposium)



Main lecture hall, Dep. for Biology, Lund University, Sölvegatan 35,  Lund

or online  (zoom)


The symposium is organised by the Pufendorf IAS Theme CRISPRideas