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Theme DATA

Enabling us to better store, observe and understand what we measure.
Data is central to understanding the world around us. Making good use of data is a vital part of tackling societal challenges. The DATA theme brings together colleagues from several faculties of Lund University: School of Economics & Management, Humanities & Theology, Engineering, Medicine, Science, and Social Sciences, as well as from The University Library.

The DATA theme will develop approaches concerning how data is stored and accessed, how we visualise data, how we discover patterns in data, and how we use it to predict future outcomes.

The DATA theme consists of five distinct threads which are interwoven as theme members are each engaged in several threads:

  •    Thread One: Archiving vanishing languages
  •    Thread Two: Visualising the Universe
  •    Thread Three: Discovery from the Written Word
  •    Thread Four:  A Catalogue of Stellar Spectra
  •    Thread Five: Understanding How We Work Together

Theme DATA:s wiki

If you are interested in learning more about the DATA Theme, please contact the coordinators.

Melvyn B. Davies, professor (Coordinator)

Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics
Faculty of Science, Lund University
mbd [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 1568

Monica Lassi (Coordinator)

Librarian, Department of Scholarly Communication
Lund University Library, Lund University
monica [dot] lassi [at] ub [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 0106

Kalle Åström (Coordinator)

Professor, Centre for Mathematical Sciences
LTH, Lund University
kalle [at] maths [dot] lth [dot] se
+46 46 222 4548





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