Conference "Is the Future of Agriculture Perennial?"

perennial agriculture field
Photo: the Land Institute

From the 6th through the 10th of May, about 90 specially invited researchers from around the world will meet at the Pufendorf IAS in Lund to present and discuss progress, challenges and future avenues regarding the development and upscaling of perennial agriculture.

The conference "Is the Future of Agriculture perennial?" will comprise sessions in which participants representing producers, food industry, and policy, will discuss potentials and challenges of perennial polycultures. The programme also contains pre- and post- study tours to Högestad Estate (largest upscaling of Kernza cultivation to date in collaboration with LUCSUS and TLI), the SITES field station operated the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (trials of Kernza based cropping systems), and University of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre at Taastrup in Denmark.

– We hope this conference will become a stepping stone for integrated research in which academia and producers start co-producing knowledge, says Lennart Olsson, coordinator for the Pufendorf IAS Theme Domestication. 

The conference is organised by the Pufendorf IAS Theme Domestication (2018-2019) in collaboration with Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies and the Land Institute, Kansas, USA

As part of the conference the publicis welcome to attend  a half-day symposium to take part in a discussion about the future of agriculture together with prominent scholars from the humanities, natural, and social & economic sciences.

Watch the video "Is the Future of Agriculture Perennnial" and learn more about the shift to perennial polycultures.