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New themes and ASGs at the Pufendorf Institute 2017/2018


Its’ decided! Three Themes and six Advanced Study Groups (ASGs) will be working at the Pufendorf Institute of Advanced Studies from September 2017 to May 2018. The fields to be explored range from the effects of peace processes on the environment, to the use of big data in research, the understanding of crises, human memory in a digital age, and the role of photography in academic research and communication.

The quality of the applications admitted to the themes and ASGs only get better every year, according to Sune Sunesson, Director of the Pufendorf Institute of Advanced Studies. He believes this is due to researchers at Lund University being increasingly aware of interdisciplinary working methods.

The applications apply various interdisciplinary approaches, he explains, in which certain themes such as "Innovation for Whom" – which examines the role of universities as motors of social innovations – tackle an issue in a directly problem-solving manner, whereas the theme "DATA" aims to investigate apparently distinct fields in order to find shared points of contact.

- We are extra grateful for these diverse efforts as it shows how broadly the interdisciplinary approach can be applied within research, says Sune Sunesson.

In his view, the common denominator of the new themes and the ASGs is that their research is very topical, or even ahead of its time, like the theme dealing with big data.

Sune Sunesson believes that the reason why many of the research ideas are cutting-edge is that researchers are, by nature, often interested in issues which concern the future – such as our development and the survival of life.

- We are happy about all the interesting issues and seeds for research that the themes and the ASGs aim to investigate – and we now look forward to following them during their time here at the Pufendorf.

Themes 2017/2018
• Innovation for Whom
• The Nature of Peace

ASG 2017/2018
• Slow Light – Speeding Up Scientific Advancements
• Common and Commoning – Human Rights and Sustainability
• Understanding Crisis
• How Evidence-based Practices Handle Conflicting Knowledge: the Case of Hormonal Contraceptives (CON-X)
• Human Memory in the Digital Age
• The Roles of Photography in Academic Research and Communication