The Pufendorf IAS 10 Year Jubilee

jubilee 2019
Eva Persson welcoming former Theme members and guests to the jubilee

It has now been 10 years since the Pufendorf IAS welcomed its first Theme. Since then, hundreds of researchers have had the chance to advance new interdisciplinary areas of research at the Institute.
On the 19th - 21st of September we looked back and into the future by reflecting on what our 10 years have meant for some scholars and the research ideas originating here – the highlights and dilemmas. Together with invited guests, we deepened the dialogue about leadership of interdisciplinary work and opened up a discussion about how to support frontier breaking research.
The jubilee ended with an open house filled with lectures, "music for the climate", and creative workshops with during Kulturnatten (The Culture night).

presentation by two speakers

Opening speech by Bo Ahrén

jubileet föredrag Eja och  Aneta
Eja Pedersen and Aneta Wierzbicka
Eja Pedersen and Aneta Wierzbicka

Members of the Theme Healthy Indoor Environments, Eja Pedersen and Aneta Wierzbicka, talked about their experience of working in a Theme and how their research paved the way for a new research centre at Lund University. 

Kulturnatten 2019 konsert

The XL Big Band during the concert Musik för klimatet (Music for the climate)  - a collaboration between the composer Claus Sörensen and sustainability researcher Sara Brogaard, during our open house on Kulturnatten.

urban creativity tell

The Theme Urban Creativity hosted a grafitti workshop in the garden during Kulturnatten 


You can find all the presentations from the jubilee on on Youtube


Photo: Christer Järeslätt and Cecilia von Arnold