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Ecologies of Migration - Interlinkages between Resources, Mobility and Environment

The first seminar in the Pufendorf IAS initiative to forward interdisciplinary migration research on 25th September 2017 focused on the interlinkages between resources, environmental challenges and mobility. It explored the understanding of migration as an adaptive strategy for humans; facing challenges ranging from environmental pressures to violent conflicts.

Presenting at the Seminar:

  • Geographies of Resources and Migration, Presentation by Yahia Mahmoud, Department of Human Geography
  • Does Drought Cause Migration? Using Satellite Images to Identify Migration Proxies after the Syrian Drought, Presentation by Lina Eklund, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
  • Environmental Migration: Making Sense of Multiple Complexities, Presentation by Mo Hamza, Division of Risk Managemen and Societal Safety

Watch Presentations from the Seminar:

Material filmed ahead of the seminar - presenting the work and research ideas from two of the presenters.

Watch a film with one of the presenters at the seminar, Lina Eklund at Lund University Center for Middle Eastern Studies

What is an environmental migration? And who is an environmental migrant? Professor Mo Hamza at Lund University, who also presented at the seminar explains:

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