Previous Themes


On this page you will find the names of previous Themes and the years when they were active at the Institute.

Teman 2018-2019


Proteinskiften (the Protein Shifts)

Urban Creativity



Teman 2017-2018

Luften i afrikanska länder / Air in African Cities


Nature of Peace

Social Innovation


Teman 2016-2017

The Annual Report

Energy Justice

A Plurality of Lives

Work and Organization in the Digital Age


Teman 2015-2016

The Credit Society




Teman 2014-2015


Sustainable Welfare

Healthy Indoor Environments - a holistic approach

Exploring Challenges for New Big Science


Teman 2013-2014

Exploring the "Animal Turn": Changing perspectives on human-animal relations in science, society and culture

IMPROVE - IMPROving the Visual Environment for all

DigiTrust - Privacy, Identity and Legitimacy in the Digital Society


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What is it like to work at the Institute, and what happens after? Three previous Themes share their experiences at the Institute´s 10 year jubilee.


How Astrobiology became Plurality of Lives 

presentation: How Astrobiology became Plurality of Lives

Bioinspired Energy - splendid ideas in search of funding 

presentation by the Theme Bioinspired Energy


Healthy Indoor Environments paved the way for new research and a centre 

Healthy Indoor Environments