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Members of Air in African Cities

Christina isaxsonChristina Isaxon (Coordinator)

I am an assistant professor in the Aerosol group at department of Design sciences at LTH. I have an MSc in Environmental Engineering and did my PhD in Aerosol technology, focusing on human exposure of various types of aerosols. I am interested in how anthropogenic airborne particles, that which we in everyday language call air pollution, is connected to health effects. We know since long that air pollution, not least in Africa, causes a lot of sickness and even death, but we don’t know exactly why. Is it the size, the shape, the chemical composition, or some other particle properties that causes these effects? If we could figure this out, as well as understanding the levels of exposure caused by various sources, we would know in better detail what kind of particles to regulate, and mitigation efforts would be easier to initiate. 


Assistant professor, Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, 
Faculty of Engineering, Lund University
+46 46 222 39 35

Christina [dot] isaxon [at] design [dot] lth [dot] se






Ebba MalmqvistEbba Malmqvist (Coordinator)

I am a researcher at Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Lund University. My research field is about air pollution effects on health with a special focus on children and pregnant women. The study site of one of our projects is in Ethiopia and my visit there lead to many questions on how to work on air pollution in an already challenged part of the world. In Sweden, I engage with stakeholders and conduct Health Impact Assessments of air pollution for Swedish EPA and local municipalities. However, how can research support African stakeholders in their challenge for cleaner air?  


Assistant researcher at Occupational and Environmental Medicine,
Faculty of medicine, Lund University

+46 70 892 43 68

ebba [dot] malmqvist [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se





Ana vargasAna Maria Vargas

My name is Ana Maria Vargas. I am a Sociologist of law by training, currently working at the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy. My research interests lie in issues of formal and informal norms related to social development, particularly when it comes to the informal economy and the role of local governments in building democracy. As part of the Pufendorf theme my contribution will be on highlighting the social and legal norms that affect air pollution, and citizens perceptions about their right to a clean and healthy environment. I am interested on how people working in public space get affected by air pollution, how problems of pollution are framed by the law and the legal consciousness of those affected by air pollution.


Researcher at Department of Sociology of Law,
Faculty of law, Lund University

ana_maria [dot] vargas_falla [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se







Cheryl SjöströmCheryl Sjöström

My name is Cheryl Sjöström.  I am a Sustainability scientist by training, currently working at the Human Geography Department at Lund University. My research interests lie in issues of power and politics of the global food system, particularly when it comes to production on the African continent. As part of the Pufendorf theme my contribution will be to highlight the social and global dimensions of air pollution, where interlinkages between poverty, development and power play important roles in terms of who gets affected by air pollution, how problems of pollution are framed, and what values influence the solutions that are pursued.



Researcher at Department of Human Geography,
Faculty of social science, Lund University

+46 46 222 62 28

cheryl [dot] sjostrom [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se






Tahir TajTahir Taj

My name is Tahir Taj. I am a researcher at the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at Lund University. During my med school education, I met with marble workers seeking health care at the respiratory clinic, it was when I asked their age to write in medical history it struck me that all were very young, and no worker was medically fit to work after working for 10 to 15 years. This lead to my interest in air pollution, my research focus on how the air we breathe result in ill health and how to prevent people from getting exposed to polluted air.




Postdoctoral fellow at Environmental health and occupational health,
Faculty of medicine, Lund University

+46 46 222 16 36

tahir [dot] taj [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se






Johan FribergJohan Friberg

My name is Johan Friberg and I’m a researcher at the Physics department. I am interested in most things concerning aerosol particles (airborne particles), and use aircraft and satellite instruments to study the climate impact of aerosols in the stratosphere (above the clouds). Now I will turn my interest to the scene of air pollution, bringing satellite expertize to this interdisciplinary project.


Postdoctoral fellow at Nuclear physics,
Lund University

johan [dot] friberg [at] nuclear [dot] lu [dot] se