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Medical and agricultural perspectives on new genome editing technologies

Genome-editing techniques have sparked a revolution in biological and medical research, as they allow precise, user-defined modification of the genomes of almost any plant or animal. This research has huge implications for plant breeding and medicine, and therefore for society. However, countries with relatively similar cultures, such as the Nordic countries, show clear differences in the public debate and governmental regulation of these novel tools. This symposium aims to present scientific breakthroughs and the subsequent debate in Nordic countries. In the end, this will help us understand how this technology can change our society.


  • Genome editing of human embryos, where are we now?
    Assoc. Prof. Fredrik Lanner, Karolinska Institutet.
  • Ethical and historical aspects of medical applications of CRISPR.
    Prof. Christer Nordlund and Assoc. Prof. Madeleine Hayenhjelm, Umeå University.
  • Gene‐edited plants on the plate: the ‘CRISPR cabbage story.
    Prof. Stefan Jansson, Umeå University.
  • Feasibility of new breeding techniques for organic farming. 
    Prof. Michael Palmgren, Copenhagen University.
  • Public discourse of GM crops in agriculture:a study of Swedish newspapers from 1995-2018.
    Assoc. Prof. Klara Fischer, Swedish Agricultural Universit.
  • Popular skepticism towards new technologies from an ethical, a psychological and a political-philosophical point of view.
    Prof. Klemens Kappel, Copenhagen University.
  • Regulation of genome-edited plants and animals – a novel proposal.
    Dr. Ole Johan Borge, Director The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board.

The symposium is organised by the Pufendorf IAS Theme CRISPRideas.


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2019-11-21 13:00 till 16:30
LUX övre hörsal, Helgonavägen 3
karin.broberg [at]

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2019-11-21 13:00 till 16:30
LUX övre hörsal, Helgonavägen 3
karin.broberg [at]

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