Welcome to the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies

The Pufendorf Institute is a cross-disciplinary research institute, inaugurated at Lund University in 2009. The institute aims to be an open and creative environment for academic study groups formed around current or emerging scientific and social issues and problems to explore their management or resolution.The Pufendorf Institute thus represents an important link in the long-term strategic plan of the university, i.e. to encourage cross discipline interactions involving all eight faculties and to improve on the interactions of the university with international experts and research groups.

Open activities:

Welcome to the DigiTrust final seminar!

All interested are welcome to join. The seminar will take place on Wednesday the 11th of June between 13.00 and 16.00. Most discussions will be held in Swedish, but some will be in English.

Please register here and for more information, check our calendarium.

Most welcome!

Lunch-concerts. Welcome to our open lunchconcerts! We continue our concerts in autumn 2013. Kvartett 168 will perform on several occasions and Vindla will be back in spring 2014. For more detailed program, visit our calendarium.

Kulturnatten. The Pufendorf Institute participates every year with different activities for all ages. On the 21st of September 2013 we collaborated with the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts with Inter Arts Center, Malmö and opened the doors to visitors to come enjoy music performances, lectures, artfilm, a workshop in origami and a booklaunch for our former Astropbiology-theme.


Bioinspired Energy Conversion - the June 2013 symposium broadcasted on national televison!

UR has made a series entirely based on the lectures at the Bioinspired symposium, the series is called "Härma naturen" and was broadcasted on 18-21 September. See all the lectures on urplay.se!

Books by former themes:

Anthology written by the members of the "Generational Goal" theme

Jiborn, Magnus och Kander, Astrid, eds. (2013) "Generationsmålet- Kontroverser kring klimat och konsumtion" Dialogos Förlag, was released on November 18, 2013!

Anthology written by the members of the "Astrobiology" theme

David Dunér, ed. (2013) "Extrema Världar- om sökandet efter liv i rymden" - Pufendorfinstitutets skriftserie nr 2, Lunds Universitet, was released on September 21, 2013!

Anthology written by the members of the "After the Crisis" theme (2011):

Mats Benner, ed. (2013) "Before and Beyond the Global Economic Crisis - Economics, Politics and Settlement" Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

Anthology written by the members of the "Legitimizing ESS-theme" (2012)

Kaiserfeld, Thomas & O´Dell Tom (eds.) Legitimizing ESS - Big Science as a Collaboration across Boundaries" Lund, Nordic Academic Press

Digital Society

The ASGs concluding seminar "Det digitala samhället" was held on 20130313. The group presented their work, discussed and debated in front of a full audience. The panel was led by Andreas Ekström.

The event was filmed and the seminar can now be watched on LTH:s youtubechannel!

Watch here

The event was also covered by Vetenskapsradion

Listen here

Read the article here

Stefan Larsson and Per Runesson from the Institutes´ Advanced Study Group "Digital Society" interviewed i LUM nr. 7 2012

Read the article here



The Pufendorf special collection on the history and philosphy of astrobiology - published in october 2012

Download here

 David Dunér from the Astrobiology-theme (2010-2011) speaks about the history of Astrobiology and the project at Pufendorf Institute 20120412!

Listen here


Göran Bexell
In his book "Akademiska värden visar vägen" , Göran Bexell discusses the role of universities as one of society's main driving forces for development and renewal. On February 9, 2012 he was interviewed by Gunnar Wetterberg on "En, bok, en författare".


Maria Hedlund from the Epigenetics research group recently published her article "Epigenetic Responsibility", in Medicine Studies.

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The Soot-initiative
Pufendorf Soot Initiative in Conversations with European Environmental Agency

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