Welcome to the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies

The Pufendorf Institute is a cross-disciplinary research institute, inaugurated at Lund University in 2009. The institute aims to be an open and creative environment for academic study groups formed around current or emerging scientific and social issues and problems to explore their management or resolution.The Pufendorf Institute thus represents an important link in the long-term strategic plan of the university, i.e. to encourage cross discipline interactions involving all eight faculties and to improve on the interactions of the university with international experts and research groups.

Open activities:


Welcome to the second of four lunchconcerts this semester. Bring your own lunch and come enjoy the music. The concerts are as always free of charge and open to everyone!

On the 14th of October 2014,The Vindla quartet and Jonas Losciale, clarinet, performs Mozart´s clarinet quintet in A Major.

Bring your own lunch and come enjoy the music. All are welcome and the concert is as always free of charge Welcome!

Time: 12.15 - 13.00

Lectures and workshops:

The theme "Healthy Indoor Environments" invite all interested to their official release. It takes place on the 30th of October between 9.00 -16.15.

The day will be filled with presentations and discussions and the workshop is free of charge. Registrations are however necesary since we have a limited number of seats. Please download program here, and register before the 24th of October via link:


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