The Pufendorf IAS Symposium on Migration

Moving Ahead: Exploring Social Transformations in the Age of Migration

Migration has increasingly become a prominent topic dominating public debates and political discourses. These discourses are also shaped by the unspoken norms of conventional migration research such as nation-state based analysis and sedentarism which fail to imagine migration as part of a social transformation.
How do migration come about in political arenas and policy discourses? What social transformations take place in the age of migration? The symposium explore variety of social and political change in the age of migration by discussing boundaries of welfare state, cosmopolitanism, climate change and displacement by highlighting the transformative nature of migration in order to facilitate discussions on political, economic and societal changes.

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About the Symposium

Date: November 15, 2018

Venue: Skissernas Museum

Finngatan 2 , Lund

Contact: mine [dot] islar [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se (Mine Islar)




Debate article in Sydsvenskan about migration and climate change by Mine islar Lina Eklund and  Martin Lemberg-Pedersen. ”En nyanserad debatt om klimatflyktingar måste baseras på vetenskapligt grundad fakta.”(In Swedish)

Interview with Mine Islar in LUM (In Swedish)