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Our premises and booking a venue

Here you will find information about the premises we let out, how to book a venue, what is included, what we can offer and the conditions that apply.

Booking a venue

The auditorium and other venues may be booked by all departments at Lund University. Venues are available on weekdays between 8.00 and 18.00. You can not rent any of our offices, nor venues for reception, and access to the Sculpture hall on the second floor is only granted in exceptional cases.

Book a venue by sending a request to our email lokalbokning [at] pi [dot] lu [dot] se (lokalbokning[at]pi[dot]lu[dot]se).

  • Please specify venue, if you wish access to a group room
  • date and time
  • number of participants
  • the chosen catering supplier (note, we do not organise catering, this is for our information only)
  • a contact for the booking that will be on site on the day of the event.
  • For invoicing purposes, we also ask for the name of a reference, the department and the cost centre.


The lecture hall / auditorium (room 104) is on the first floor. Classic theater seating allows for roughly 50 participants, half that in U-shaped seating. The hall has modern technical equipment, which includes high-resolution projectors, a sound system with hearing loop, and video conferencing capabilities. Renting the auditorium is 3 500 SEK per  half-day (18-12 or 13 -16) or 6 000 SEK for a day (8 - 17). For additional access to the premises between 17 - 18.00, an extra fee of 1 000 SEK will apply.

The seminar room (room 107) is on the first floor. The room is ideal for meetings and smaller seminars for up to twelve participants. The room has video conferencing equipment and a whiteboard. Renting the seminar room is 400 SEK/hour and the room must be booked for periods of at least two hours.

Group rooms are available upon request, in connection with booking a larger venue. 

Cancellations more than 14 days in advance are not debited, within the 14 days 50 % of the price is debited. If no cancellation has been made the full amount is due. Cancel your booking by email to lokalbokning [at] pi [dot] lu [dot] se (lokalbokning[at]pi[dot]lu[dot]se).


Catering is booked by the organizer, and is not administered by the Pufendorf IAS. The organizer is responsible for the collection of, and seeing to the return of, catering supplies, as well as leaving the venue in original condition. Lunch breaks may be held in the foyer, outside the auditorium, where there is also space to serve food and drink. When the weather permits, there are three large round tables in the garden that may be used, the Institute is happy to lend blankets.


Please send requests to lokalbokning [at] pi [dot] lu [dot] se and await confirmation. For other queries, please contact our house manager:

Stephan Choquette
stephan [dot] choquette [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se (stephan[dot]choquette[at]service[dot]lu[dot]se)
+46 46 222 62 02

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Lydia Rydberg