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Artistic and educational processes in music and literary creation

ASG 2023-2024

The creative arts are an important part of society with a large number of practitioners providing music, art and literature to society at large. A large number of theoretical models and perspectives developed to illuminate the creative process specifically address music and writing, many of which also inform artistic and pedagogical practice.

two persons writing on a paper. Photo

This ASG aims to share, highlight, and further develop perspectives through which parallels between them are brought forth and false dichotomies questioned. Through this work, the group hope to contribute to an understanding of artistic experiences on a broader, societal dimension.


Markus Tullberg (coordinator)

Anna Clara Törnqvist 

Anna Houmann

Hedvig Jalhed

Ingar Brinck

Carola Mikaelsson

Lars Gustaf Andersson

Evelina Stenbeck

Martin Cathcart Frödén