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”Theme for young PhDs” 2018?

The Pufendorf IAS is happy to announce that the theme for recent PhDs is ”The Air in African Cities - How to properly address serious problems in an already challenged area of our world”.

The aim of the theme is to to bridge different research areas in order to understand the medical, environmental, political, cultural impact of air pollution exposure from both indoor and outdoor sources in Africa.

In order to examine how polluted air impact the possibility of major African cities to achieve their Development Goals, this interdisciplinary theme will focus on the following issues for discussion:

1. Polluted air and its impact on well-being outdoors, at home, at work and in the public spaces
2. Technological and cultural drivers of air pollution
3. Innovations for cleaner air: costs, drivers and benefits

The theme gathers researchers from across four University faculties: Medicine, LTH, Social Sciences and Science, as well as researchers from the University of Oslo and Addis Ababa University, for a theme for young PhDs in spring of 2017.

About the theme application for Young PhDs

With the support of the LMK-foundation,Pufendorf IAS announced the opportunity to apply for a theme for young PhDs in spring 2017. This was an attempt to create more opportunities for researchers in their early careers, for collaborative transdisciplinary work. 

Who could apply?
Researchers at Lund University no more than three and half years but at least six months after a successful PhD exam were welcome to make the theme application together. The main applicant had to be employed at Lund University. Remaining members had to be employed at other universities or otherwise active as researchers in Sweden or abroad but the majority of members should be Lund University researchers. In addition to salaried researchers, the group could add additional collaborators. PhD students or more senior researchers with expertise within relevant fields for theme work could be tied to the project. However, the Institute may not pay students, senior researchers or individuals not active as researchers.

There is no new application round currently planned under this initiative. 

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