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ASG Commons and Commoning - Human Rights and Sustainability

The aim of this ASG is to generate new understandings and to expand research on commoning, understood as the social practices for the co-creation and maintainance of commons. Deeply rooted in the history of human communities, the commons is has become recognized as being fundamental to historical human-environment relations, and is now viewed as a ‘third option’ beyond the market and state for restoring balance in how humans relate not only to all life on the planet, but also to one another. This ASG group seeks to integrate, consolidate and develop research on how commons and commoning relate to human rights and sustainability. Building on different ontological and methodological perspectives, the team integrates a diverse community of scholars to engage with commons-based solutions.

This ASG group gathers research expertise that spans much of the breadth of commons and commoning, including: political ecology, human geography, housing, fisheries, public space, health, agriculture, social anthropology, food sovereignty, indigenous land rights, ecosystem management, social welfare services, digital communications, and human rights law. This diverse team recognizes the need to engage with the "wicked problems" by adopting an extended understanding of transdisciplinarity suitable for the task of examining sustainability and human rights dimensions of commons and commoning. The seminars and workshops will strategically bring together researchers, activists, policymakers and practitioners to create a plan of action for an action research platform that enables knowledge exchange between our fields of study, as well as knoweledge exchange with the non-academic community-at-large on commons and commoning.

Eric Clark (Coordinator)

Professor, Department of Human Geography
Faculty of Social Science,Lund University
eric [dot] clark [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se ()

Siri Kjellberg (Coordinator)

Doctoral Student, Department of Human Geography
Faculty of Social Science, Lund University

siri_m [dot] kjellberg [at] hek [dot] lu [dot] se

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Imaging for Life seminar/Workshop

On 2nd of December, Giuliana Tromba from Elettra, Trieste, is holding a seminar/workshop on the SYRMEP Beamline: Medical Applications of Synchrotron Radiation


More about the event here

Registration with at kajsa_m [dot] paulsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se