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CRISIS Brown Bag Lunches

The Pufefendorf IAS Theme CRISIS invites you to a Brown Bag Lunch seminar series about 'crisis'.

Crisis’ seems to weave our world together as threads of a transnational crisis narrative. Sometimes crisis rhetoric appears in populist and apocalyptic ways, sometimes as a variable in political strategies to justify social exclusion and economic austerity measures. Yet, crisis also refers to abrupt incidents that shatter the foundation of daily life and to prolonged suffering that ruptures lifeworlds, livelihoods, and communities. The CRISIS Theme explores the social asymmetries imbued in a crisis due to parameters such as gender, ethnicity, and class. However, these are only rarely recognized in respect to crisis interpretation; the many-layered impacts of a crisis; and the policies implemented to cope with a crisis and its aftermath. Common approaches to crisis have not kept pace with the increasing complexity in the socio-economic and political systems dealing with a crisis and how a crisis kaleidoscopically is taking new shapes when bouncing between the global and local levels. The temporalities of a crisis are rarely analyzed and the differences between crisis as emergency, crisis as a path to renewal, and crisis as chronicity; as a new normalcy of prolonged difficulties tend to be overlooked. These broad themes are considered in our brown bag seminars as listed below;




Autumn 2019


16 August: The Multiple Crises of Brexit 
Ben Rosamond, Professor, University of Copenhagen  

23 August: Financial Crisis and Economic Development
Fredrik N G Andersson, Associate Professor, Lund University

6 September: Populism, crisis and disasters
Helle Rydström​​, Professor, Lund University

4 october:  Crisis and Masculine Heroes 
Catarina Kinnvall, professor, Lund University & Annika Bergman Rosamond, Associate Professor, Lund University


Spring 2020


8 February:  Crisis and Global Health
Vanja Bergström​, Senior Lecturer, KI

1 March: Crisis and Abortion Rights
Maria Tonini, Senior Lecturer, Lund University 

22 March: International Refugee Law and Crisis
Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Professor, University of Copenhagen


The Brown bag lunches are open to all interested, no registration required. 

Time: 12.00

Place: Pufendorfinstitutet, Biskopsgatan 3, Lund

Contact: annika [dot] bergman_rosamond [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se