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Staff page


On this page is gathered work information for our Themes and Advanced Study Groups.

Due to the ongoing public outbreak of coronavirus, COVID-19, additional rules of conduct apply when visiting the Pufendorf IAS.
Read more about our rules of conduct


If you do not find the information you seek, please contact our administrator Gisela Ferré Aramburu, who will be able to provide general answers to most questions or direct your enquiry.

The information is divided into the following areas:

Finance: on cost frame, budget, salary costs, guest researchers, billing address and expense reimbursement.

Events: on catering, digital events, Facebook events, calenders and booking venues.

Communication: on LUCRIS, press/media, social media and printed materials.

Premises: on access, premises, parking and safety.




The board of the Pufendorf IAS has approved an itemized budget within a set cost frame for all Themes and ASGs. Effectively, this means that the institute manages all financial administration, no funds are paid out to groups or departments.

The salary, for participation in a Theme, is administrated centrally, by the financial officers of the respective departments.

Any other budget items, as well as any changes, must be approved and planned with staff of the Pufendorf IAS.

The Theme cost frame is closed for expenses on the last day of term. Remaining funds stay with the institute.

Guest researchers or visiting research fellows

Themes have the opportunity to invite an international guest researcher to work with the group. The conditions are that the researcher has expertise of particular interest for the Theme’s work, and that the principal part of their academic endeavours, as well as current residence, is outside of Sweden. Additionally, the researcher must be able to work full-time alongside the group on site for at least one month. The fellowship can be extended to no more than 3-4 months.

The group will need a verbal agreement with the researcher, before sending in a nomination with all essential details to the institute, at least one term in advance.

The institute will employ guest researchers, as well as handle questions regarding salary, terms, accommodation, travel and insurance. The budget for this is in addition to the Theme cost frame, and is administrated by the institute.

Billing address

Please use our billing address, cost centre 859536, and invoice reference Gisela Ferré Aramburu

Lunds universitet
Pufendorfinstitutet, kstn 859536
Gisela Ferré Aramburu
Box 188
221 00 Lund

Do not forget to send us a specification of the order by email, including details like group name, chosen supplier, order, and specified cost to facilitate processing.

Travel and expense reimbursement

We ask that the groups make bookings and travel arrangements for short term guests themselves. Contact Via Egencia by email or phone:
Telephone: +46 40 608 57 50
Email: customer_service [at] egencia [dot] se

Read more about booking travel on LU staff pages

Invoice all travel and expenses to the Pufendorf IAS.
Go to our billing address on this page

If expenses cannot be invoiced we ask that costs be covered by an LU employed member of the group, to facilitate reimbursement. Use the form in Primula for reimbursement and check our guide.
Go to our guide on seeking reimbursement for expenses (Swedish, PDF, 501KB, new tab)


Please contact us early on for planning and coordination of events.
General advice on planning events, digital meetings and conferences, on LU staff pages

See our checklist for digital events


Groups are responsible for booking catering. Open Proceedo/Lupin and select among approved suppliers. You may use the forms on the page or email and call.

Please send a receipt of the order detailing who the order is for, chose supplier, and estimated cost, to facilitate our processing of the invoice.

Send us a list of participants including affiliation (department and university) no more than a week after the event.

Always follow rules and regulations for public authorities and Lund University.

Go to Rules for entertainment (PDF, 326KB, new tab) or

Go to the Quick reference guide to entertainment (PDF, 171KB, new tab)

Events on Facebook

We will happily create an event aimed at a broader audience, for your activity on the Pufendorf IAS Facebook page. This may be managed by yourselves, and by us.

Visit the Pufendorf IAS Facebook page


Add an event in the Pufendorf IAS calendar by sending us the date, time, venue, title, speaker and a short descriptive text, in both Swedish and English, well ahead of time. Also, specify if the event is closed or open to a more general audience, and whether you would like to advertise the event on the LU calendar.

Book a venue for an event

We prefer that our groups primarily meet and hold events at the institute. Book a venue by sending a request to lokalbokning [at] pi [dot] lu [dot] se. If one of our venues is not available, or unsuitable for an event, contact the institute for help booking another venue.


Lunds University research information database (LUCRIS)

We ask that the coordinator/s for all Themes and ASGs enter their group into LUCRIS. 

In our guide we have detailed how to add a Theme or ASG to LUCRIS
Go to the Pufendorf IAS’ guide for adding projects in LUCRIS (PDF, 292 KB, new tab)

Visit the Research portal

For more general questions regarding LUCRIS, please contact the LUCRIS support at servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se


Check Lund University guidelines on contact with the press, or contact us with more specific questions.

Quick tips about contact with the media on LU staff pages

On writing press releases on LU staff pages

Social media

Please follow the Pufendorf IAS on social media for news, events, and more interesting information from our Themes and ASGs. If you would like advice, tips and support regarding your own group’s social media, contact us.

Pufendorf IAS on social media:


Twitter: PufendorfIAS_LU(@PufendorfL)

Youtube: The Pufendorf IAS_LU

LinkedIn The Pufendorf IAS_LU

Printed and Graphic materials

The Pufendorf IAS has ready templates with the LU graphic profile and institute logotype. Contact us if you would like to make posters or other printed materials. 

Visit the Lund University graphic profile and logotype on LU staff pages

Read more about templates and printing materials on Mediatryck

The Pufendorf IAS premises

At the start of term, our house manager will add house access to your LU cards in our security system. This includes your Theme office, which is only accessible to your Theme members, and the Pufendorf IAS staff. The office is yours throughout the Theme period and during all hours, all days of the week. To activate the card, swipe it every morning at the small control box on the ground floor next to the painting with Samuel Von Pufendorf.

For more information about our venues
Visit our page on premises and booking a venue

For more information on additional rules of condact due to COVID-19
Visit our page on COVID-19


At the back of the institute there are a number of parking spaces available to our staff as well as groups and their guests. Please pick up a parking permit from our house manager Dardan Mustafa.

Parking for bicycles is available next to the parking spaces for cars, and towards the front of the garden by Biskopsgatan.


All Theme members receive a house tour with safety guidelines at the start of the term. Emergency exits are available:

  • Through the appointed window in the Theme room for exits from the second and third floors.
  • Through the appointed window in the recharge room for exit from the cellar.
  • Through the two entrances to house, to south and to the west for exit from the ground floor.

Assembly point for evacuation is at the front of the house.

The institute is locked and access is restricted, contact our house manager for access. Windows are connected to an alarm system, please close them before you leave and before 7 pm. In an emergency, use the emergency door handles to open the door without pressing the button for unlocking. 

If you are leaving and find the seal broken on the emergency door handle please alert a member of staff. If you, or a guest, accidentally break the seal or open the emergency door handle, please alert a member of staff.

Please report technical errors or damages to our house manager.

Office hours

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly, or if you are looking for staff working from home send us an email or call us:

Tuesdays from 13 to 15,
All other week days from 9 to 11.

Contact us

Ann-Katrin Bäcklund, director
ann-katrin [dot] backlund [at] pi [dot] lu [dot] se
+46-(0)70-221 51 00

Eva Persson, coordinator
eva [dot] persson [at] pi [dot] lu [dot] se
+46-46-222 62 03

Gisela Ferré Aramburu, administrator
gisela [dot] ferre_aramburu [at] pi [dot] lu [dot] se
+46-46-222 62 06

Cecilia von Arnold, communications officer
cecilia [dot] von_arnold [at] rektor [dot] lu [dot] se
+46-46-222 82 53

Dardan Mustafa, house manager
dardan [dot] mustafa [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 62 02

Malin Persson, financial officer
malin [dot] persson [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se
+46-46-222 48 26