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Two new Advanced Study Groups

 stairs at the Pufendorf IASWe welcome from above. Foto.

The institute welcomes two new Advanced Study Groups, starting in February 2024: (Un-)natural borders; and Aesthetics in Business Creativity (ABC).

The Advanced Study Group (Un-)natural borders: Multi-disciplinary perspectives on the boundaries of European integration, sets out to explore how natural conditions determine the features and boundaries of European integration, and how European integration is represented – and creates boundaries – in the natural environment. The ASG wants to challenge our conception of the complex interplay between nature and society in the sphere of European integration and of borders and boundaries of the EU. Coordinator Marja-Liisa Öberg (Faculty of Law) puts her expectations this way:

I look forward to exploring the boundaries of and the interaction between European integration, the natural environment and the disciplines within our team.

Our second new Advanced Study Group for 2024, Aesthetics in Business Creativity (ABC), wants to place focus on the aesthetics in business creativity. 

The last decades brought a design boom into product development. Simultaneously, development goals remind both individuals and organisations of the ecological challenges we face, that a future existentially sustainable life must balance ecological, social and ethical considerations. At first glance, businesses seem to struggle with this somewhat awkward relationship: Is it even possible to build successful organisations intertwining cultural and aesthetic values with economic and sustainable values? 

 I believe nothing is more exciting for a researcher than heading out into the “in-betweens of knowledges”. Potential spaces, playfully revealed in the absence of established orders. This spring we have the possibility to reach greater precision when thinking and articulating: knowledge-creation at its best

says Daniel Hjort, coordinator for the ASG Aesthetics in Business Creativity (ABC).

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