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New Themes and Advanced Study Groups 2019-2020

group work In september and October we look forward to welcome five new Themes and five new Advanced Study Groups to work at the Pufendorf IAS during 2019-2020.

Conference "Is the Future of Agriculture Perennial?"

perennial agriculture field From the 6th through the 10th of May, about 90 specially invited researchers from around the world will meet at the Pufendorf IAS in Lund to present and discuss progress, challenges and future avenues regarding the development and upscaling of perennial agriculture.

Fighting Climate Change – Mapping the pathway with social movements

social movements The Pufendorf IAS Advanced Study Group 'Civil Society and Sustainability Studies' has invited climate change activist and founder of Bill McKibben and climate change activist and Swedish labor and transport union representative Ulf Jarnefjord to hold a public lecture on climate change and social movements.

Visions for a sustainable food system

wheat agriculture How can we create a sustainable agriculture and food system that can feed and nourish a growing population while carefully managing the Earth’s resources and reduce emission levels? Replacing meat with plant based protein alternatives and shifting to a perennial agriculture could be one way forward. The Pufendorf IAS Themes, The Protein Shifts and Domestication shares their visions on how we can rethink the ways we produce and consume food in the future.


migration Reflections and lessons learned from the Pufendof IAS Migration Initiative and the Migration symposium

Urban Creativity presented at the Street Art & Urban Creativity conference

Urban creativity picture The new Pufendorf IAS theme Urban Creativity presented at the Street Art & Urban Creativity conference in Lisbon, Portual

Meet our new director, Ann-Katrin Bäcklund

AKB Pufendorfinstitutet The Pufendorf Institute’s new director Ann-Katrin Bäcklund had an intensive start, as she began her new job in the middle of the application period for the autumn’s Themes. Now that the process has been completed, she looks forward to finding her own work rhythm and having time to immerse herself in the research at the institute as well as continue to develop the institute. Her main task will be to increase awareness about the Pufendorf Institute and to attract more researchers at the University to apply there.

Reflections on the Pufendorf IAS Symposium and workshops on interdisciplinarity

Pufendorfinstitutet symposium On the 4th of May, The Pufendorf IAS organized a symposium on interdisciplinarity. International guests and Lund University researchers discussed issues concerning the boundaries of interdisciplinarity in practice and theory - focusing on the prerequisites, organisation, process and practice of collaborative crossboundary research. The symposium took place at Kulturen and gathered around 100 participants.

How local communities can transition to sustainable energy systems

energy justice What makes for a successful transition to a low-carbon energy system? Local involvement, perceived fairness and information sharing, according to a new study by members of the Pufendorf IAS Theme Energy Justice.