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Theme The Nature of Peace

Exploring links between the natural environment and peace-building in post-conflict societies.
This theme is interested in the natural environment in post-conflict societies. What role does nature have in peace building? How is the natural environment considered in fragile economies that need to develop quickly? Does peace always bring sustainable development? The researchers argue that environmental justice is a central dimension for sustainable peace and development in societies where internal armed conflicts have recently occurred.

Empirical evidence from around the world has shown that post-conflict reconstruction efforts often focus on the short-term and urgent needs of societies transitioning to peace. These processes, however, often fail to consider the root causes of the conflict (such as control over key natural resources) or to integrate dynamics such as those linked to the distribution of environmental "goods and bads" and participation in environmental politics. It is therefore of key importance to investigate how environmental justice brings sustainable peace and development in the long term. The theme brings together researchers from five different faculties (Social Sciences, Law, Humanities and Theology, Natural Sciences, and University Specialised Centres) to discuss and work on these issues.

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Lina Eklund

Researcher, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
University Specialised Centres, Lund University 
Lina [dot] Eklund [at] cme [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 (0)46 222 9609

Maria Andrea Nardi

Researcher, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Affiliated Researcher, Department of Human Geography
Faculty of Social Sciences, Lund University
Andrea [dot] Nardi [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 (0)769 47 2741

Nature of Peace


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